Clarins Body Treatments

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Clarins Body Treatments

Clarins body treatments are the perfect way to discover why Clarins are the No. 1 body care brand in the U.K. No matter what your body care needs are, Clarins are the solution.

Beauty Sleep Treatment

Just like a good night sleep.Feeling stressed,exhausted lack of sleep? This calming Journey for the skin, mind and senses induces a state of total relaxation. After the treatment you will look and feel rested, stress levels will be reduced and sleep quality will improve.

1hr 30 / £75

Rise and Shine Treatment

Boost your mind and lift your spirits. Lack or energy, feeling run down and stressed? This revitalizing treatment includes a stimulating body massage and a reviving facial to leave you skin radiant and dewy. You will feel recharged, invigorated and ready to take on the day ahead

1hr 30/£75

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