The Beauty Rooms Day Spa
August 2019 Blog Post
Our 5 Must Have Summer Skincare Products

Summer is in full swing and our busy Bristol based salon is running at a faster than
average pace assisting all our clients with their Summer holiday needs. The conversation over the last few weeks in the salon has very much been on the topic of skincare, with many clients concerned with the change to
their skin due to the warmer temperatures. We are not at all surprised by this general consensus as all
our highly trained skin therapists will tell you that the majority of skin problems is due to environmental changes and factors. Like in the Winter months when our skin can become dehydrated, in the Summer we can all experience problematic skin, however, it is often different problems experienced among our clients compared to the big problem of dehydration during Winter. Our biggest piece of advice given to clients at this time of year is mainly to revaluate your skincare regime and the products being used. We very much believe in changing up your products depending on the season, as your skin is by no means the same all year around.

This year we have been thrilled with the new additions to our skincare products from the award winning brands we use, making it the perfect time to explore what we have on offer and make those crucial changes that your skin is craving at this time of year. The first product we would like to rave about are the new exfoliants from Clarins. Released only a matter of days ago, these have already been increasingly popular and our therapists have particularly enjoyed adding them to their skincare routines.

The exfoliants come in three variations, starting with fresh scrub for dehydrated skin, pure scrub for oily skin and comfort scrub for dry skin. If you are struggling to remember the difference between dehydrated and dry skin, we have a whole blog post on the subject back on our news feed. In terms of the scrubs, statistics show that over 60% of women don’t exfoliate their skin. This will be due to many reasons however, we feel that it is largely to do with the fact that women do not realise the benefits of exfoliating. We recommend exfoliating twice a week using gentle circular movements over the skin to gently remove dead skin cells. Not only does this give your skin a new lease of life but it also provides maximum benefits for the rest of the products you use on your skin. These new Clarins exfoliants are perfect as they contain the correct ingredients within the varieties to work with your
skin for maximum results.

The next two products we would like to talk about are your cleansers and toners. These are the products at the beginning of all our skincare regimes and are crucial in cleaning and providing extra nourishment for the skin. The cleanser we recommend during the Summer is the Guinot Lait Hydra Fraicheur, which is a refreshing cleansing milk that is suitable for all skin types. This product contains aloe vera and cucumber extract which is perfect at this time of year to provide extra care after being in the sun. Following this product,we recommend the Guinot Hydra Beaute
Toning Lotion which has always been incredibly popular here in the salon. This toner is designed for sensitive skin, however in the Summer we think this is beneficial for everyone as your skin needs protection and a lot more nourishment after being exposed to the sun all day. Toners can be very underestimated, however they do
provide a great deal of hydration for the skin and work to repair damaged skin cells.